LLC Business is a law firm that offers specialized services to national and multi-national companies. Along with our work team, we have taken on the commitment to provide our clients with highly professional, excellent quality services in an attempt to always provide your company with comprehensive solutions to match your needs, with the guarantee of loyalty, efficiency, and reliability that is our calling card.

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LLCB Law Firm renders specialized Corporate Labor Law services. Our website offers useful current information to users through expert opinions, blogs, articles, bulletins and other similar material. However, these publications are general comments and cannot in any case be construed to be legal recommendations or the equivalent of legal advice on a particular case.


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Updated to March 2014.

  • Immigration Services

    LLC Business offers global solutions to companies and individuals thanks to our network of sister offices and outside providers. Our services not only blanket Costa Rica, they can be accessed throughout Central America and globally. 

  • Notary Services

    Our company has a specialist in Notary and Registration Law who will provide advice to match your need with the proper legal instrument to effectively protect your interests.

  • Municipal and Urban Law

    We offer our clients efficient, comprehensive handling of matters related to Municipal and Urban Law, taking advantage of our vast experience and successes related to municipal business, particularly with the outside advertising sector.

  • Payroll Administration

    LLC Business thinks about its clients’ needs and offers a tailor-made, knowledge-based service for companies using customized software and provides a payroll coordinator with experience and the backing of the expert attorneys at Labor Law Corp.

  • Environmental Assessment

    Our services are truly an integral assessment for our corporate clients. The assessment is based on prevention and also helps dealing institutional paperwork easier. 

  • Organizational Development

    Our Organizational Development model deals with the key processes related to Human Resources and Personnel involving strategies, processes and tools tailored to organizations’ needs.

  • Intellectual Property

    We care about supporting business development in all its facets, so our services include consulting on intellectual property to ensure that human creativity is correctly, effectively protected, hand in hand with an expert in the matter. 

  • Business and Corporate Law

    When your company uses our services, you will receive a prompt, immediate response to make or carry out business decisions based on our know-how and full understanding of your company’s line of business and needs.